crypt shatter XIII




floating souls sand



kifarasi arezou



esc.eip<br />
 unsound behaviour <br />
reprise <br />
miraa <br />




In the dark shadows of the rooftops of Haknam we meet esc.eip, who enriches Haknam’s second release with his affinity for deconstruction. His elements appear, melt and fade away to materialise in a deep, winding, dusky jam. The ever transforming structures contrast paranoid harmonies with the forceful percussive rolls, as in “unsound behaviour”. On the B Side is “miraa”, the aftertaste of a blissed out acid trip, soft shades build a warm space in which a lost saxophone appears and disappears.


A unique opener for Haknam’s first vinyl release by Emad Parandian. The tripping A-side ‘marangai waikawa’ leads into archaic vaults – a dark spatial pattern of droning synth atmospheres all maintained at a decisively bass oriented centre. A ceremonial dance, refined with self-played Kanjira percussion. Mysterious choirs invoke a rainfall of tribal metal percussion. Out of the dust of ‘marangai waikawa’ grows ’scud’ on the flip. Part two of a thrilling journey, pulsing straight forward with pushing noise elements, astute shuffly percussion combined with scattered vocals – ‘changes are gradual’.